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About me

Just Alex is negotiating the lyrical tensions that exist between the relentless urge to imbue meaning and the equally unyielding insistence of happenstance — the vibration, or perhaps better said: the dissonance, that is defining of mundane experience. When this paradox is rendered as a material process — an image — and is thus confronted by the spectator’s gaze, an encounter with liminality takes place — namely, the moment in which the spectator, whilst studying an image that bears neither implied nor overt significance, formulates their interpretation. Her practice is orientated around the creating surfaces and conditions through which to hyper-enunciates this process of ‘meaning-making’, to quietly stimulate self-awareness in the viewer as to how they cultivate ‘sense’ — which in itself is typically dependent on the chance occurrences that, throughout an individual’s lifetime, compose and direct the mental chain of associations. As such, the paintings demarcate a space for meditation — for observing this collision of chance operations in acute detail.

"Painting ... for me it's vibration, those feelings, those reactions that happen to me. I'm trying to talk about it in art. A lot of information instinctively delayed every day. And when i stay next to the canvas, I take the brush and put on as if by accident the accumulated information on the canvas. And what I paint, I don't always know, I don’t always know what would be in the end. I think that an artist can only be the one who wants to be an artist, whose soul is not staying at the same place, who constantly worries and experiences, who feels that he need to speak out. Holding a brush in my hands, this is the moment when I feel myself more than a human. Searching for the Great Image...that what my duty is."
                                                                           Just Alex